March 20, 2017
Clinton, ME

Most amazing place. Can’t stop looking at the beautiful work done in this home. Such personal touches like we have never seen before. We are just in awe. No TV. I love it.
— Ken and Sonya C
March 12, 2017

Fantastic place, fantastic upkeep and very enjoyable stay. You have gone above and beyond providing very hight quality service with a personal touch of pastry delivery every morning!

One quick suggestion. Get a professional photographer to take pictures of the place and use those on Airbnb or other websites so that everybody can better see how awesome of a place you got! Thanks for everything. We will be back.
— - name withheld
February 2-5, 2017
Durham, NC

Oh my! What a wonderful escape. This is my first of what I’m sure will be come many stays at this lovely Inn. Thank you.
— Elisabeth J
April 2, 2017
Chapel Hill, NC

This was _such_ a beautiful house - the service provided was top notch. I loved the daily pastries and the location was great! This was our first trip to Asheville and we will definitely be coming back.

Thanks so much for having us!
— Mark and Kim M



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I started apprenticing for my dad, Peter Sweeney, Jr. when I was twelve, but even before that I was watching him work all the time. My grandpa established our company in 1918, back when we specialized in carpentry and woodwork. Dad picked up new trades and expanded our business. I’ve been servicing the greater Wichita area for over 15 years and am about to bring my oldest son in as an assistant.